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About Home-Start Dunfermline

What We Do

Home-Start offers one to one, personalised support for parents with children under five. We reach out to families who may be lonely, struggling to cope with day to day routines, at risk of social excusion, including those who do not engage with other services.

Home-Start places trained volunteers alongside parents.  Support is tailored to the individual needs of each family and is reviewed regularly to meet the changing needs of the family.

Volunteers are trained, managed and supervised by their local Home-Start Scheme which is in turn supported by Home-Start UK; a community resource with all the benefits of a strong national organisation.

Home-Start Dunfermline is one of 33 Home-Start Schemes across Scotland and over 300 UK wide who work to support families at local level, and can tailor the support we offer to families in the area we work. Home-Start Dunfermline supports families with a child or children aged 0-5 in Dunfermline and South West Fife.

We support families experiencing a wide range of difficulties and stresses including, but not limited to:

• Mental health issues (including post natal depression)

• Disability/illness of parent or child

• Multiple births

• Family breakdown/ relationship difficulties

• Isolation

• Substance misuse

• Lone parents

• Domestic abuse

• Kinship care arrangements

• Families referred to the Children’s Reporter

Families can be referred through Health or Social Services professionals, other agencies (statutory or voluntary) or can self-refer.

Families really enjoy having someone to talk to - who understands

1:1 Support

Once trained, a Volunteer is matched with a family  then visits for 2 hours each week providing support that is tailored to each individual family. Support can be provided in the family home, but a key role of volunteers can also be to encourage and accompany parents in accessing other services locally.

Family Group

Families referred to Home-Start Dunfermline can also attend the weekly family group which meets in a local community centre.  Parents and children are provided with a healthy lunch, lots of opportunities to play, interact with other children and parents, and take part in singing and rhymes, arts and crafts and other activities.  During holiday times, trips and outings are organised for the families.

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