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Being a parent isn't always easy. Sometimes, just having a friend to talk to can make all the difference. We can help parents going through a difficult time including:


* Loneliness and isolation

* Relationship difficulties

* Coping with several pre-school children

* Ill health, disability, special needs

* Lone parenting

* Postnatal illness

* Childrens behaviour





If you need a little help to get through a difficult time, maybe we could help?


A Home-Start volunteer would visit you regularly, usually for a couple of hours one day per week offering:


* A little friendly support

* A listening ear

* An extra pair of hands

* Reassurance and Understanding

You are not alone


But If you do not want a volunteer to visit you (the choice is entirely yours), you may want some other input. You could come along to our Weekly Family Group or we could perhaps help you to attend appointments.

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